Sunday, December 2, 2007

(Title's gone fishin')

A lot has happened in the time I was not updating, not in terms of the amount of painted minis, but rather the size of the mini I've been painting. It's a commission piece for my buddy by the alias of Mauler. I was under some pressure whilst painting this piece; it's a commission, it's a centerpiece of the army, it's BIG! Judge for yourselves if I've managed to pull this one off:

As far as my own minis are concerned, all I'm waiting for are the horse skeletons to arrive and I'm all set for starting the Black Coach! It's still about two weeks away, so I think I'll have a well-deserved break from painting. I tried to finish my other zombie regiment before the new year, but I think I can't be assed to sit to them. Anyway, there is stuff to come here - watch this space.

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Gutek said...

Wow its great ! You're a great painter!