Friday, February 27, 2009

Coaching in black

How many more bad puns on the Black Coach can be coined?

Anyhow, here is mine and it is finally, after a very painful process, finished. I decided to drop the old version since in the process of actually making the army the whole idea behind it got warped from a vampireless one to a very much vampire one. Well, as per usual, GW is to blame. Who the holy hell is responsible for the present vampire models on the market is beyond me, but her or she should be hung by the ribs.

Why was it so painful to make? Chiefly because I'm tired of this army altogether. Luckily, the completion of the Coach leaves me only with five fell bats to do for the army to be finished and I have already started working on their bases while waiting for the models themselves to arrive - which can take as long or as little time as the Polish Post fancies. Really, this company is Chaos incarnate. It is my solemn belief it is ruled by Tzeentch.

Getting back to the Coach, it would be a damn shame to leave it shut and not show the greatness that is the coffin-bound vampire. So I made the roof and one side removable, and of course the coffin itself is left open as well. Not very practical game-wise perhaps, but firstly, I don't play games with my armies and secondly, it may be used to denote some Wound loss or something similar, so it might turn out to be more practical that I initially thought.

On the coffin itself, I opted for something a tad different than I usually do. I realized how rarely I go for painting some extra effects on my models, so I decided the coffin will be my test field. I went for the marble effect and, well, here is the result. I'm quite happy with it and the way it goes along the rest of the model. The Coach is deliberately done in tender, neutral colors and the coffin with its marble finish and golden filigrees immediately stands out as the most important part of the whole thing. After all, the Coaches are constructed not by vampires themselves, but rather bu their servants after the master's untimely demise. Nevertheless, the Coach has to be the focal point of the army and this is what I wanted to achieve. Here's the roof section itself.

To wrap up, another shot of the whole coach and next time - the fell bats.

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