Saturday, January 16, 2010

Announcing the "Ten Thousand Druchii" project

That's right, ten thousand points.

As I am nearly done with the basis of my druchii army (about frigging time too, right?) I feel more and more drawn to having... well, more of them. 10.000 points seems to be a very nice number, and with the current model range it's gonna be pure pleasure. As if Slaanesh kissed me with a mouthful of scotch.

Speaking of finishes, there are only two major pieces (and two minor ones) I need to do, before I can declare the 4000 points druchii army complete. The majors are the harpies and the hydra, the minors: bolt throwers and cold one knights - the riders I mean; I'm switching to the new plastic ones.

The latest addition to the army and the final character needed to be done: a death hag with the Cauldron of Blood.

So, comment away folks, let me hear you! Encouragement, discouragement, death threats, anything is fine!

1 comment:

John said...

Excellent stuff mate - the basing is just fantastic and you have some nice depth on the detailing on each figure.

Looking forward to seeing the army in a single pic