Friday, February 26, 2010

Harpies! Almost done!

Six o'em, eh? They only need greenstuffing under the armpits (wingpits?), but at the moment I cannot really be assed. I'm sick of harpies.

On another note, a very special "thank you" to one of my readers by the name of Kiwi, for this little tidbit I've found on The Trading Post: "There are other fantastic blogs out there with some absolutely stunning painting/modelling work on them which I could also mention e.g., Drazhars, Noestes etc.(...)" Thanks an awful lot.

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noeste said...

Some great conversions you've got there, and I love the colours you've used as well.
Been lurking a bit here and on your Warseer post, although I believe it's been done mostly in silence... Anyways, even though I don't collect Dark Elves, your work's quite inspiring and I hope we can look forward to more great conversions and smooth paint-jobs in the future!

*thumbs up*