Thursday, February 9, 2012

Of shopping and quality control

Ah, the joys of  stable income. Recently I've enjoyed them in earnest, and here is the result:

Also night goblin fanatics, not pictured.
So yeah, I'm going to be a busy little Drazhar in the coming weeks. Bases for these are already done.

And here is a curiosity on just how GW assures the quality of their products:

If you think Finecast is bad...
...what do you say...
...about these?
Seriously, Games Workshop? Seriously? This went to shipping? Or is the quality control just nonexistent?


Trev O'Hanlon said...

Lol, I'll never complain about failcast ever again!

Davey said...

My word that is AWFUL! Have they totally lost the plot?! Really hope you get all that sorted quickly mate.

Łukasz Cyrański said...

Hard to believe, isn't it? I haven't seen anything like that for all my fifteen years of wargaming career. Davey, it is being sorted out, I've made return to my FLGS and I'll have a new set next week.