Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Orc army project - the story so far

Hello folks. Recently the Miniworks hit 50 subscribers (51 now, even!) and I decided to post an orc army shot as a "thank you" to all you fellow miniworkers out there who happened to like my blog enough to visit it regularly.

Here you are, my current project so far:

  1. The arachnarok spider. First major airbrush job and by far the biggest model I've painted to date. Finished.
  2. Savage orcs. Twenty four badasses with varying weapons and poses. As the arachnarok was the biggest so these guys are the most ragtag project I've completed.
  3. Night goblins, fifty with a filler. Currently working on the last eight.
  4. Giant, specifically Bologs of the Albion Giants set. Wonderful model and the only metal one in the army. Completed.
  5. Mangler squigs. Completed. My favorite bit of this army so far.
  6. Boar boyz, currently on the workbench. Three finished out of ten planned.
  7. Wolf riders. Converted wolves, kitbashed riders. Second favorite unit.
  8. Savage orc shaman, converted. Possibly the first to be completed.
  9. Squig hoppers - planned. Oh, the plans I have for these boyz! You thought my savages are unorthodox, hm? Wait and see...
  10. Orc warboss on boar - planned. Will definitely convert the excellent Gorbad Ironclaw model.

There you have it. This project is nearing completion, but I'm completely unable to give you any dates.

Thank you for following Drazhar's Miniworks. Your support is in a considerable part what makes this hobby worthwhile.

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