Friday, July 13, 2007

Let there be Draz!

Hello and welcome to my weblog. What you'll find here are my attempts at miniature painting and modeling, mainly in, but not restricted to, the Games Workshop's version of this wonderful hobby.

I've been involved in the mini business for eight or nine years now. Throughout that time, I have assembled three Warhammer Fantasy armies, several assorted minis by other manufacturers and I'm currently aiming at the Hordes game system by Privateer Press.

I'm definitely more of a painter and modeler than I am a gamer, mainly due to the unnecessary complication, ambiguity and rules lawyering of the core Warhammer Fantasy rules set.

As far as this weblog goes, the "rules" are: comment in proper English (no leetspeak please!) with the observation of the basic proprieties. I will try to update once a week, most probably on weekends or Fridays.

First set of minis that I'd like to share with you will comprise of my dark elf army.

Enjoy your stay here!

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