Friday, July 27, 2007

Noblesse oblige, pt. I

As promised, here are the special units included in the army. At this point I have to mention I don't have the pictures of my harpies yet; they will be redone in the near future and it is then that I will shoot proper pictures of them. In the meantime feast your eyes on the following.

Drazhar has always been fully aware of the lack of heavy troops in his host, however the financial burdens that the enlisting of such troops in the army demanded were always impossible to meet. By a very fortunate turn of events, however, Drazhar came unto command of a full regiment of cold one knights.

In one of the battles Drazhar fought after being hired by the house Khaladh, the opposing army's reinforcements included a small contingent of the reptilian cavalry. By a cunning ambush, Yenlui's shades were able to delay the knights to the battlefield just long enough. When the contingent arrived to witness its employer's defeat and its own encirclement by the opposing forces, Drazhar offered the knights a simple deal - fight for him or die. The knights duly chose the former.

These are pure, unconverted, standard GW Dark Elf Cold One Knights models. I was, at the time, unable to get my hands on the splendid dark elf line by Gamezone Minitures, and I'm seriously pondering getting them now, as the quality is, in comparison with GW, unparalleled. Take a look for yourself:

Seriously, GW has a lot to learn - or rather to put into practice - if it wants its mature clientèle back.

Yenlui was not without her own fast attack forces, even before she hired Drazhar. Her troops, however, were composed of two charioteers along with their war machines. Though generally used by Yenlui's tax collectors, the chariots have time and again proved themselves as very capable weapons of war. The combined force of the snarling cold ones and the chariot's own impact, topped by the martial prowess of the charioteers, has seen many a foe put to flight.

Unconverted Dark Elf Chariot model with added polystyrene reins. However, the other chariot is slightly converted, so keep your eyes peeled.

Next week, as the second instalment of the special units coverage, I'll be showing the other chariot, shades and harpies (not done yet, but when you see them you'll see why they need work as well).

Some parishioner announcements... the Cryx Battlegroup faction box has shipped today and I just can't stop fiddling with all the bits and pieces. I have to admit I was skeptical about Warmachine to the very last seconds, but after opening the box and very thoroughly examining the bits my doubts dropped more than Paris Hilton's worth as a human being.

I can't say the same of the uber-hyped P3 paints I've ordered along with the minis... as you might know, good colored metals are something of the Holy Grail of the mini industry. P3 were advertised as being just that, well, I beg to differ. Now, I might be totally wrong here and maybe it's my incompetence as a mini painter talking, but the P3 colored metals (namely Brass Balls, Blighted Gold and Molten Bronze; Rhulic Gold on the other hand turned out slightly better) are not as good as everyone hails them to be. Mind you, I'm not saying they are bad paints, they're just not as great as the ads say. I accept my (huge) margin of error though and will test the paints much more diligently throughout next week.

And what - in the name of Natalia Melnik's long-lost ability to accept points of view beside her own - kind of name is 'Brass Balls' anyway?

The last thing I've purchased is Ziterdes Expert Flock Kit. From the looks of it, it seems a very decent product, if a bit pricey (paid an equivalent to 10 Euros for it...). It consists of, going upwards, fine gravel, a very curious green flock in at least three shades combined and finally tall grass, plus a small bottle of glue. I have always been a big fan of the tall grass thingie and it is my hope that with this kit, topped off with several other bits and pieces, I'll finally be able to do decent bases.

Lastly, thanks for voting in the poll. There are no telling results to speak of yet, but still, I appreciate the feedback. Oh, and thanks to whomever voted for the step-by-guides, I'll try to produce some, not in any foreseeable future though... or maybe...

See you next Friday!

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