Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Arrrrr matey!

It's been a while, in fact it has been a busy while. Since finishing the Vampire Counts I've been elbow deep in the druchii project and here are the most immediate results, aside from rebasing of course:

The corsairs plastics are so good and so characterful I just had to have them, despite my firm resolution never again to paint a single seadragon cloak after doing 25 of them on the old metals...

The piece under the champion's foot was originally intended to be a chest with gold, but since I was not able to find a good chest, the high elf headpiece had to suffice. In fact it also served as a test subject for the color scheme of a high elf army I want to make someday. It didn't turn out bad I'd say.

the bits I particularly like about the plastic corsairs are their arms - looking good on their own and also very good for conversion work; scroll down to see just that.

I like the champion's pose I managed to pull off. He does lean to the side a bit, but it's not noticeable when you don't look at him directly en face. Plus, the outstretched arm is awesome, a very good idea for a weapon arm and I see plenty of poses with it. Too bad it's only one per box, but on the other hand it makes the bit quite unique.

I'm not happy about the cloak on this one. Will have to redo it sometime soon.

Speaking of arms, I'm very happy GW released something with such an incredible amount of conversion potential. Gone are the days of swords looking like train tracks in the hands of, say, witch elves or shades. In fact, the shades were another test subject of mine. I'm fully satisfied with the ease of hand swaps I've done and the final product.

Shades are nice for yet another reason - there are five 'poses' of them, well, specimens really. But still, in a unit of five you can have each member unique. Not something we got used to these days.

Right, time is pressing - next up are the crossbowmen (third and final unit) and possibly some bolt throwers, with custom crew even.

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John said...

Just some amazing work there mate - really really impressed by the basing you do