Friday, July 31, 2009

Chariots of... well, not of fire, definitely.

New stuff!

Well, the crossbowmen are not new, I painted them a while ago, just somehow forgot to actually take pictures. As you can see the three crossbow units in this army have a common theme. The last bit is of course a filler.

And the really new stuff - chariots:

Now, I put more thought into these that could be ascertained form the pictures. I've always imagined chariots to be mark of prestige for the druchii, something not possessed by your average naggarothi next door. No, these are a luxury. Cold ones are too in fact. The army book fluff reinforced my view.

Hence, I imagined the crew to be composed of a minor noble, not yet powerful enough to command his own troops, but definitely on his way to greatness (or maybe a son or daughter of one of the noble houses, not yet experienced enough to be trusted with command?) plus the chariot driver - definitely not anybody ennobled. A servant, maybe even a slave? Well, you get the point I hope.

So, if the driver is somebody who does physical work on a daily basis (someone has to tend to the cold ones and the machine, right?) he will surely be spending lots of time outdoors and that means a tan (I'm basing this army somewhere on the Copper Desert in Lustria - hence the reddish dirt on the bases). And that is wht I was trying to accomplish on the skins of the drivers. As you see I failed utterly, but I'll lave the comments to you folks and your tender mercies.

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