Saturday, September 17, 2011

Night goblins by the hoodful

Remember the bare plastic movement tray from my last post? Wondering what it was for? Well, lookie here:

 Night goblins, forty models game-wise. In reality, there are 35 gobbos, a four-model filler and a big boss, proudly wavin' the Bad Moon Banner. These are of course still to be done... are the netters, for example. Or the fanatics. Yes, this unit will be fully pimped and as viable for actual combat as goblins can be.
I will of course be updating you with my progress. Still more to do than I dare to admit. I'm kinda slowed down by the fact I had to order certain bits via Ebay. But they'll get here, and meanwhile i can focus on something else... watch this space.

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