Saturday, September 24, 2011

Of wolf riders and the joys of painting what you like

I'm sure you'll agree wolf riders aren't the most useful or hardest-hitting unit a warboss has in his disposal. But to me, they seem like an iconic part of any self-respecting waaagh! Just imagine the sight of goblins raiding way ahead of the approaching force, plundering food, driving away peasants and so on...
I used just five, purely for the sake of character. I don't imagine them to perform miracles of any kind, but what I wanted from them were not miracles, it was the feel. Plus, I really like wolf riders, simple as that.

I used ungor arms on these, which was fine until I started gluing on the heads. They are just too big. If you can, use the crew heads from the arachnarok spider kit, I think they will look much, much better and some dry fitting seems to reinforce this theory.

 This is the 'leader' of the pack. I tried to model him as if he was striking the wolf's behind with his spear. Mosh!

I also added some bedrolls and other gubbinz - really wanted to pull off the 'nomad' feel. 

I never cease to admire the new plastic kits GW releases. It really, really is an improvement with every one. At least quality-wise. The aesthetics are not sometimes my kettle of fish.

That about wraps it up for the wolfboyz. I'm still waiting for bits to arrive so I can finish the night goblin horde and finally move on to other projects. I am a one-at-a-time kinda guy.

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