Monday, November 14, 2011

Rebasing the arachnarok, part four - complete

Welcome to a new week. I know how everyone likes Mondays, so what's better to start a week with a completed project? Something you don't have to work on anymore?
Like so. Here is the finished spider, or rather its base. It's the same spider as before, I've only got one. It's the base that I have been working on I must say I'm happier with this one than the one I've originally made.
I love the Arachnarok Spider kit so much I can't put it into words. Besides being a very nice model, it is a clear statement by GW on how they are going to be making monsters from now on. And I like what I see.
With this version of the base I went for simplicity and natural looks. Hence the fern, the tree bits, lots of flock and of course the water pool. Projects as big as this one benefit immensely from bits and pieces not commonly seen and in my mind water is just that.
I also got hold on Gale Force Nine autumn clump foliage and I must say it works nice, breaking up the coloration of the base with its red and oranges. I know there are GF9 haters out there, but this product is really, really good.
I will also be adding this clump foliage to my other bases to further tie the army together by basing, something I feel has to be done on an army that is by definition as rag-tag and completely lacking organization as the orcs.
So here it is. On to the mangler squigs.

Thanks for looking and leaving feedback. See you on Wednesday!


Atomic Mum said...

I really like the detail you have put into this, I don't know many people who go to this leagth but it really makes me want to do more with my models.

I look forward to trying some of your ideas and seeing the squigs.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering what colors did you use for the spider...

Łukasz Cyrański said...

Well, that depends on the part. The red parts are done in Scorched Brown and VMC Flat Red in successively different ratios. The fleshy parts are Graveyard Earth highlighted with Kommando Khaki and Blechced Bone. All these are done over white undercoat preshaded black.