Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rebasing the arachnarok, part two - base details

Welcome to the second installment of my spider rebasing project. Today, I'll show you some details I'm adding to the base. such. All of these are form wood elf plastic kits. After reading their newest fable, I thought it would be a nice idea to include some rune stones and the like in my army if it was going to be forest-themed. If ALL forests in the Old World are, supposedly, connected, it would be a nice hat tip to this.

Next, the brass etch fern fronds.

Difficult to work with, flimsy and delicate, but after putting them on the base you can hopefully see they look great. They will also be used on my next project, already in the works. If you give them a go, remember to varnish them and touch them as little as possible.

And lastly...
Cat tails! Nothing in my mind says "water" more than water vegetation. These were easy to make from a paper clip and some putty. Undercoat, paint, varnish, done.

Next time I'll be showing you how exactly have I put these on the base.


Atomic Mum said...

Your work is soooo good I can almost smell the rain. I really want to give this a go myself.

Drazhar said...

Thanks, that's very nice to hear.

If I could ask you to listen to my podcast and give me any feedback I'd very much appreciate it.