Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Finally finished night goblins

They are DONE! Done, done, done!

 Full unit of forty little buggers, with a BSB. He needs some touching up still, but that's nothing compared to the unit itself.
 That's not him, that's a filler. I liked the arachnarok howdah so much I had to include it somewhere. Two unit fillers are perhaps too much, but what can I do when I like some pieces so much?
 And of course the netters. Brilliant idea and decent miniatures to boot.
I still need to add the fanatics, but that's for another time. Right now I'd rather finish the BSB and focus on another project that has nothing to do with night goblins.

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Davey said...

Nice work! Very inspirational too - I've been pondering for a while how to do my own night goblin units because they can look a little dull, but yours look fantastic.