Saturday, October 8, 2011

Re-done Bologs

Hello and welcome to a sunny, if chilly, Saturday afternoon. Today I just want to show you the finished giant mini-project. I call it "mini" because, as you can see, I haven't done any work on Bologs himself (that's his name, Google it if you don't believe me), just his base.
 I know he needs a better paint job, and I do see he's chipped here and there. I just can't bring myself to strip him and do it all over again, I just love this model (and his buddy Cachtorr) too much. If you ask me, the Albion Giants set were the best giant models GW has produced. Ever. He's a cyclops carrying a menhir, for gods' sake!

 I've added an ogre gutplate to his belly. I think it looks nice and goes with a subtle theme I want this army to have. You can expect more 'nods' to ogres on the coming projects.
 Also, I purposefully altered his pose. The original just stands firmly on both legs, balancing the stone above his head. I wanted him to look more dynamic, as if he's just about to lob it.
There it is. I most definitely will be doing Cachtorr some time, but that's a very "sometime" project.

I'm still waiting for the night goblin bits to arrive and I'm beginning to worry the Polish Postal Service blew it yet again. It puts a major snag on my plans, but I guess I'll just do something else in the meantime. Maybe a mangler squig or the night goblin filler?

Anyway, see you on Wednesday.

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