Sunday, October 23, 2011

Night goblin battle standard

First of all, please apologize my not posting yesterday. I was preoccupied to say the least.

Secondly, as promised, the night goblin BSB. Brave little big boss waving a big flag.

It's a mini form Battle for Skull Pass, only I don't know which one of the goblin characters it's supposed to represent. I never got the BFSP set, I only managed to get hold of a couple of minis. Well, more than a couple...
The banner is from the multi-part night goblin set and I like it very much. It's tattered, shoddy and perfect for greenskins. Ingame it will represent the Bad Moon Banner of course.

And my favorite piece, the squig. This is the bot that sets an otherwise not very imposing fellow as a character. I love how the squig's skin is stretched by its owner not-so-gentle grip. I've never bought the idea of red squigs; as cave-dwellers I imagine them to be very light-skinned, almost albino. If I ever do a squig herd for the army (and I want to very much), that's how they shall be painted.

That's a wrap folks. See you on Wednesday.

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