Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The 2012 to-do list

As seems to be the trend nowadays... Mind you, these concern not only my WFB hobby!

So, for the new year, I plan to:
  • Finish the orc army project for 2000-ish points. I'm roughly halfway done as far as the raw model count goes (and this is what, I believe, counts: you don't paint points, you paint miniatures, amirite?)
  • Make at least one Arcane Fulcrum and a bit of siege equipment for the orcs.
  • Rebase a 1000-ish point army of Vampire Counts so I can play these as well.
  • Make loads of stuff for my medieval reenactment: most pressingly, the helmet and the plate gauntlets need much attention. Preferably other bits of armor as well. And a wooden chest for the tent. And a new belt. And boots.
  • Invest in a new, better airbrush.
  • Collect every army book and other source material that comes out for WFB in 2012 and write thorough reviews.
  • Finally get that damned driver's license. I'm telling you, that crap gives me nightmares.
  • And likely more!
See you on Friday!

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