Friday, January 27, 2012

Savage orcs - command

...or rather the rest of it; I've already finished the standard bearer. The horn blower was a very easy build, but then having loads of orc parts makes everything such.

The boss on the other hand:
demanded some clever positioning. I really wanted to make him hold the whip in his both hands, but that proved difficult and would end up looking silly if he was ever to rank up. So only the red jerkin. You'll also notice he's the only one in the unit to wear anything on his head.

The skull on his back will be covered by a shield or a sheathed choppa, definitely something. I don't like it at all, I just wanted the naked chest.

Four orcs left to go on this unit, plus of course doodads like shoulder pads, pouches and so on. But that is just detail work; I'm really relieved to be almost done with these.


Ron Saikowski said...

Looking forward to seeing the whole unit ranked up when you're finally done with them.

It stinks that it can be hard to make some modifications since it would make it hard to rank up models. Kinda kills the creativity sometimes.

Ron, From the Warp

Łukasz Cyrański said...

Thanks Ron, coming from you that's very motivating. The unit is actually done as of now, I'm just editing the photos, so watch this space. :)