Monday, January 9, 2012

The orc army list

This is what I'm going for as my first goal for the orc army project. A 1200-ish points worth of greenskins that will be easy enough to bump to 2000 points with a few additions. Here it is:

  • Savage orc shaman, second level, Lucky Shrunken Head - done!
  • Night goblin big boss with a shield, light armor, great weapon and the Bad Moon Banner - done!
  • 23 savage orcs wit full command group, two choppas and maybe a big stabba - started
  • 49 night goblins with spears and shields, netters, full command group and hiding two fanatics - started
  • 10 orc boar boyz with full command group, spears and shields
  • 10 squig hoppers
  • A mangler squig team - done!
I like to incorporate as many different unit types into my lists as possible, so I must say I like this list a lot. I have no idea how it will play, but being more of a painter and a collector than a gamer I'm not overly concerned. Still, feedback is appreciated.

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